We are not mushrooms!!

Many of you recently have contacted me this year about the announced cancellation of the print edition of Engineering Dimensions.  The January/February 2022 edition was the last.

I view this as yet another step in the dismantling of effective communications with our 88,000 members.  A couple of years ago, the print edition was made optional; members who wanted it had to request it.  Prior to that, we even had a tabloid on newsprint, The Link, which kept members up-to-date on goings-on within PEO.  It, too, was cancelled.

The rationale for cancelling the Dimensions magazine can only be to keep the membership further out of the loop about their profession.  "Saving money" is a red herring.  Council apparently does not feel it necessary to engage the membership about its activities.  We already have seen it holding "plenary" meetings in secret, with no minutes kept and no public or rank-and-file members admitted.  PEO is swimming in money these days, so the modest amount spent on printing and mailing is negligible.  The effect on the environment of printing a small magazine which comes out only six times a year also is negligible.  These arguments are pure bullshit, and if we are kept in the dark and fed bullshit, I guess we must be mushrooms.

If I am elected to Council, I'll fight to restore the print edition of Dimensions as PEO's default communications vehicle, and I'll also work to reconstitute the Communications Committee, with a mandate to build bidirectional communications with our membership.

Questions?  Comments?  Feel free to contact me.