Unfortunately, PEO elections do not give the voters much access to the candidates.  We do have the web debates, which typically only a few dozen members log in to.  A "half-page", published in Engineering Dimensions and sent out with the ballot e-mails, is our main contact with the electorate.  We also have information published on the PEO website, and three "e-blasts" sent to members whose e-mail addresses are on record, and which probably annoy as many recipients as they inform.

The problem with these contact channels is that they are unidirectional.  The best communication is bidirectional, and, even better, a real-time back-and-forth.  (This is one reason I remain opposed to Web or phone meetings.)

I would be only too happy to discuss with you my platform or anything else that's on your mind regarding PEO and its council.  Please feel free to phone or e-mail me.  (Note:  I've used some tricks below to hinder web robots which collect e-mail addresses and phone numbers for spamming purposes.)

e-mail:  gwowchuk[commercial at]yahoo[dot]ca
phone:  four-one-six-259-six-six-three-six